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$20 for the first signature, $10 for each additional!

Gone are the days of rushing to the bank, the store or requesting a mobile notary to come to your office, which can cost hundred of dollars before a stamp is even applied to your document.

Why spend more time driving to the bank and waiting for a notary when you can have documents notarized from the comfort of your home or office?

Welcome to Remote Online Notarization.  Documents, including Deeds, wills, and trusts, can now be notarized remotely.  This means that the person signing the documents, the notary and witnesses (if needed) can all be in different locations as long as everyone has some form of ID and access to a camera for a Zoom meeting (which can be a phone).  


The digital platform charges per signature: $20.00 for the first notarized signature and $10.00 for each additional signature.  The process is fast and easy.  The signer whose name is being notarized can be located in another state, or even another country, and we can get the document signed in minutes. 

Remote Online Notarization

How it works
  1. After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to your virtual session and an invitation to upload your documents.

  2. During your meeting, you will need to show the notary your ID and virtually sign your documents on camera.
    (Please have your ID ready and your document uploaded to the system before the meeting.)

  3. Lastly, the notary will sign the documents and apply the notary stamp during the same virtual session.  The notary will send your notarized document(s) back via email.

“This service is brilliant, especially when your business deals with a large volume of legal documents ”

Patricia M.

Sam Mathews

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